The PHCC Educational Foundation is offering an HVAC and plumbing pre-apprenticeship course that gives prospective industry workers a chance to learn about the job before entering into a long-term apprenticeship program.

The online course can be taken at the would-be students’ convenience and uses six modules that provide an introduction to the industry and the skills needed in it, such as basic math skills, tools, safety and construction drawings. 

“This broad introductory program is a perfect way for potential employees to get a glimpse of how they can succeed in our industry,” said Merry Beth Hall, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Educational Foundation’s director of apprentice and journeyman training.

The foundation worked with Modern Plumbing Industries in Winter Springs, Florida, and Thornton & Grooms Inc. in Farmington Hills, Michigan, on the online program.
“I cannot imagine a better tool to be available for our members,” said Laurie Crigler, vice president of Virginia-based L&D Associates. “This is a great tool not only for those applying for jobs who say they have a certain level of expertise, but (also) for anyone actually considering entering the apprenticeship program. … It gives a great overview of what they should expect to learn in apprenticeship.”