Jill Eckert McCall has been named executive vice president of the Chicago Mechanical Contractors Association.

“I knew that MCA is a premier local organization, and seeing that the MCA’s master initiatives match some of my own interests made the position really interesting to me,” McCall said. “Increasing education on technology, encouraging the engagement of our younger emerging leaders, and bringing all of our members together through committees are necessary to maintain a viable position of leadership in the industry.”

McCall started her career in association management in 2010 at the American Bar Association as a career counselor for lawyers and law students. During the past decade, McCall served as the organization’s staff lead for continuing education, program accreditation, law practice and technology. 

Former executive vice president of the association Stephen Lamb will leave the MCA in July to launch a construction consulting practice. 

“I look forward to working with Jill for the next few months as I prepare to move into the next phase of my career,” Lamb said. “She is a bright young talent with the energy this industry needs to continue moving forward.”