As part of my job as Snips editor, I regularly scour the internet for industry news. Sometimes, a press release or two gets by me or perhaps an agency doesn’t have our contact information.

I’m also always interested in what industry stories the mainstream media picks up. Remembering back to my newspaper reporter days, I know that few writers give much thought to the trades unless a public relations person is especially good at getting their attention.
This time of year, it’s usually stories about how the warm summer weather is keeping contractors busy or how strong HVAC sales are. Many stories will include tips on reducing summertime energy bills. And as Snips contributor Adams Hudson has noted, it’s worthwhile to attempt to position yourself as the HVAC expert local TV and newspaper reporters contact when they need a quick quote. 

If you’re really lucky, the TV station or newspaper might do a lot more than that. I was surprised a few weeks ago when I received a message that ductwork fabrication equipment maker Mestek Machinery’s Iowa Precision, Lockformer and Engel brands were profiled on a Cedar Rapids, Iowa, TV news report on local businesses. The 2 ½-minute segment included a brief tour of the manufacturing plant and an interview with Richard Burkart, the company’s vice president of sales and administration. You can watch it by going to 

It was the kind of story you don’t see very much — except here in Snips, of course. 

Speaking of coverage, we recently added a way for readers and website visitors to easily upload pictures of their latest HVAC construction projects to our website. Just go to mission and follow the instructions. We’re hoping to showcase lots of the industry’s handiwork.


Supporting our community 

It’s funny. I am writing to you in response to your community involvement question (“Boosting the community profile of the sheet metal industry,” Editor’s Page, June 2016) and just when I begin to write, something stops me. We are not too shy to discuss the topic, yet it does seem like we are tooting our own horn a bit. Regardless of that, here goes.

Community involvement is a large part of our culture and traditions. As long as I’ve been with Linx/Lindab, we have given back to the community. There are three ways we go about it. 

  • Monetarily. We support the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life and the United Way annually. This year, we have donated funds to Smiles for Myles, a bone cancer fundraiser, and the Cupid Run, a children’s tumor foundation.
  • Employee-driven events. Every fall, both Toys 4 Tots and the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia can count on our staff to drive in a truckload of donations.
  • Working directly with youth. By participating in job fairs, providing plant tours and summer internships, we strive to educate students in the possibilities available to them in the world of manufacturing.

Heather Winebrenner
Marketing manager
Linx Industries