Organizers are looking for submissions to the 2017 AHR Expo Innovation Awards.

The winners in 10 categories, including green HVAC, will be recognized in a Jan. 31, 2017, ceremony, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. A Product of the Year will be picked from the category winners.

“These awards are a chance to publicly acknowledge the hard work companies contribute toward the future of the industry, said Clay Stevens, president of International Exposition Co., which owns and organizes the HVAC market trade show. “Selecting 10 winners from a pool of hundreds of applications is never an easy feat. We look for entries that display exceptional utility, ingenuity and efficiency, and we are always amazed by the number of incredible options we receive.”

The 2016 Product of the Year was the duct sealing product Aeroseal.

“We were excited and proud to have received the Product of the Year Award, and considered it a big step forward for our industry,” said Neal Walsh of Aeroseal. “We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of positive response we have had and are now more motivated than ever to create innovative solutions to other ventilation problems. After years of attending AHR Expo, we’ve become great believers in the show and its value as a connecting point and as a platform to raise awareness.”

Entries are due Aug. 3. Information is at the AHR Expo’s main website.