The 13th book in ASHRAE’s Datacom series, IT Equipment Design Impact on Data Center Solutions, has been released.

Developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers’ Technical Committee 9.9, the book contains chapters on information technology equipment, thermal design and interactions between IT systems and the data center.

“Technology in general, including the data center industry, changes faster than other industries,” said Don Beaty, publications committee chairman. “Disruption is around the corner in all aspects of our lives:  social media, online retail, access to information and entertainment.  With everything from smartphones to thermostats generating data, backend IT systems are experiencing massive hardware demands. Data centers must have a footprint that is flexible, scalable and adaptable.  They must be able to move as fast as new applications are developed and keep up with new ideas, new architectures, and new ways of thinking --− all in real time.”

IT Equipment Design Impact on Data Center Solutions is available at