Malco’s ultra-lightweight combination snips offer full-size performance and handling in a light, compact package. Two models are available for tackling metal-cutting or vinyl-cutting tasks. The metal-cutting Model ULC10 makes clean, easy straight cuts, circles or squares in 26-gauge galvanized or mild steel as well as non-ferrous materials like aluminum pipe and coil. The Model ULV10 vinyl snips features a sharp upper blade for starting and cutting in thick- or hard vinyl seams, as well as other pliable, non-ferrous materials including: aluminum coil stock, house wrap, roofing felt, ice and water shield, roofing membrane and dense rubber padding. Both models feature a strong, feather-light 10-inch polymer frame. The carbon steel blades are also replaceable and easily installed on the job. Fully threaded brass inserts, thermally anchored in the blade recesses of the polymer frame, ensure holding power and thread integrity for blade changes.

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