HVAC engineers now have access to an online fan selection program through Greenheck’s eCAPS fan application suite.

The new mobile application allows engineers to easily compare multiple fan models simultaneously based on fan performance, sound levels, operating costs or first costs.

Product selections can be easily shared with others and custom equipment schedules can also be created through the app. To ensure accurate fan selections, the program automatically cautions users when selections are close to maximum revolutions per minute, or when the selection is close to being unstable.

A toolbox feature in eCAPS includes a systems effect simulator that shows how the selected fan will perform under various inlet and outlet conditions. This feature also provides a convenient source for the latest fan application technology such as motors, airflow monitoring, and Greenheck’s Fan Fundamentals online courses.

 Greenheck’s eCAPS runs on iPads, tablets and computers and can be accessed at ecaps.greenheck.com