HVAC construction software company Dexter & Chaney says its Spectrum construction software now offers Spectrum Workflow, which automates previously complicated tasks, the company says.

Users can define and enforce rules or tasks, which can be routed to specific people. Tasks can be handled sequentially or simultaneously. Approvals or rejections are quick and easy, officials add.

“In this day and age, few companies are overstaffed. The intelligent workflow designs that power our Spectrum Workflow functionality can help streamline processes and ensure you are not missing any important tasks or steps,” said Spectrum product manager Geoff Falk. “Workflows also help document and enforce segregation of duties throughout the organization, while still providing enough flexibility to handle the exceptions that come with every rule.”

John Chaney, co-founder and CEO of the HVAC market software company, said it is a major improvement.

“Our clients have asked us for specific tools to help them enforce and automate processes in their companies,” Chaney said. “While over the years we have built many of these into Spectrum, the development of dedicated, definable workflows with Spectrum Workflow brings all of these tasks together in a uniform, manageable system that will help further automate users’ daily processes and procedures.”