An Ohio manufacturer’s representative has been named Rep of the Year by Fresh-Aire UV.

The manufacturer of germ-killing ultraviolet light systems for HVAC construction said HBBPro Sales Group Inc. earned the honor for the numerous seminars and education programs it presented on Apco, Blue-Tube UV, Mini-UV System and commercial HVAC sales products to large HVAC construction companies and distributors in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

HBBPro, based in Valley View, Ohio, saw its sales increase 65 percent in 2014, officials said.

 “They put the human element into sales and continually get in front of wholesalers and contractors,” said Fresh-Aire sales manager Sean Moseley. “Contractors already have a good foothold in particulate filtration, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate as 35 percent of contaminants in buildings. Now HBBPro is spotlighting the other 65 percent of indoor air quality issues — biological disinfection and volatile organic compounds purification — to contractors and is also helping them eliminate those critical contaminants from their clients’ indoor spaces through the use of FAUV equipment.”