Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp. has introduced its newest product, the T-Armor Series structural standing-seam roof system. The series uses Metal Sales’ concealed-clip design to allow for a sustainable, cost-effective and practical roofing panel system for new construction or retrofit, officials say. It also offers an optional continuous concealed clip, specifically designed for roofs that are frequently exposed to high winds and heavy environmental loads. Company officials say the clip can extend the full length of the panel or may be used only on specific areas of the roof. The continuous-clip design creates an increased area of contact for panel-to-clip engagement, allowing the roof system to bear heavier loads and strengthen its wind uplift resistance.

This clip design also enables complete thermal expansion and contraction of roofing panels to reduce the risk of oil canning and to also give the system a tight weather seal that lasts for several decades. All panel profiles are available in a range of thicknesses from 20- to 24-gauge steel and 0.032-inch or 0.040-inch aluminum. All materials are available with a Kynar 500 paint system in a variety of colors. T-Armor also features a warranty for weather tightness and the Metal Sales 45-year finish warranty.

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