Hurst Boiler Inc, an international manufacturer of hot-water boilers, has launched its new, user-friendly online computer-aided design website.

The updated, user-friendly site features the company’s latest boiler models and plan-view configurations.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeff Hurst said the site addresses customers’ needs to find Hurst products online.

“Industrial buying has evolved, and now customers commonly research and select products online,” Hurst said. “To ensure Hurst Boiler remains in contention, we want our products to be found and selected online, and easily integrated into the normal engineering and design process.”

 Hurst’s new Web-based CAD download configuration makes it easy to search and select the right boiler online. Users also have the option to either download the object in the desired file type or directly import the object into their design/specification software. The application supports most popular file types and CAD software programs.