Members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago can now easily provide safety gear and materials to workers through the organization’s new online safety store.ContractorGroup_IN

The store includes items such as safety glasses and vests, hard-hat stickers and paycheck safety stuffers.

When Dan Bulley, senior vice president for MCA, began spearheading programs to promote safety, he noticed workers weren’t wearing safety glasses because they either didn’t fit right, were unappealing or both. This inspired Bulley to begin researching safety glasses that fit comfortably and were also good looking. Then MCA subsidized the cost of the safety glasses for contractors to provide them to workers.

“In the very beginning the idea was if we can save one eye we’ve done something,” Bulley said. “Over the years we’ve subsided more than 20,000 pairs of safety glasses. We did our part in making them more acceptable and I would like to think we saved several eyes.”

 In the first week following the safety store’s launch, MCA officials say there have were already several orders from members requesting gear and materials to promote safety on their jobsites.