You might thing HVAC market contracting doesn’t have much in common with operating one of the world’s largest entertainment companies, but members of the Unified Group might disagree.

The commercial HVAC construction group brought Teri Yanovich, a former Disney Institute employee to its March 15-17 “Building a Service Mentality” forum in San Antonio to offer advice on how to create better customer experiences.

“It starts with quality,” Yanovich said. “Surround it with an experience that makes it easy to business with you and you’ll be unbeatable.”

Unified Group members in attendance were asked to go through a mock HVAC sales service call to review what customers experience at each step.

“During work you see things from your point of view,” said Stacie Martucci of ISS Mechanical.  “It’s a great idea to view things from what client sees.”

Another attendee, Christina Denogean, said it was a good exercise.

“I never thought of what we do as an experience,” she said. “It made me think about how I can make someone feel pleasant or how I could create an experience when someone walks into my office or when I talk to a customer.”