A survey conducted last year named Klein Tools the preferred brand for two hand tools.

The 2014 Tools of the Trade survey of 731 workers found that the hand-tool manufacturer was the go-to brand for two out of six types of tools: screwdrivers and lineman’s pliers. The other tools the survey focused on were two types of measuring tapes, wrenches and pump pliers.

For screwdrivers, Klein took first place over 22 manufacturers with 32 percent of the vote. When the survey was divided up by trade, three out of four electricians preferred Klein screwdrivers, officials say.

For lineman’s pliers, Klein took over half the vote coming in at 51 percent while competing against 19 manufacturers. Seventy-six percent of the electricians surveyed chose Klein tools over other brands.

 “Klein Tools has been using the highest quality materials and superior workmanship for over 150 years,” said Greg Palese, vice president of marketing at Klein Tools. “This award acknowledges our hard work and dedication to making the best professional tools for tradespeople.”