Operators of a remote copper mine in the Republic of Congo are planning to double the mine’s productivity with the help of a new Jet Edge water jet.

The Jet Edge machine is the mine’s second water-jet system, officials say. The mine plans to use the additional system to speed up the completion of a copper-processing plant.

Jetstream Cutting Solutions Director Malcolm Cruickshank said the mine has made good use of the first water-jet.

 “They run their first machine 24/7,” he said. “The Jet Edge X-Stream pump was key to the success of the first machine because they could utilize the higher pressure to increase productivity.”

For their second water-jet system, the mine operators selected Jet Edge’s 90,000-pound-per-square-inch Edge X-5 system. The system comes equipped with dual, independently programmable five-axis cutting heads and laser plate mapping system, Aquavision Di industrial PC controlled and five-axis water-jet cutting software.

Cruickshank said the mine officials chose a Jet Edge system for their second machine based on the reliability of their first Jet Edge pump, and Jet Edge’s ability to quickly supply spare parts when needed.

“Reliability is very important to them due to the remoteness of the mine,” he said. “They appreciate the speed with which Jet Edge can supply spares.”

Jake Hall, a Jetstream subcontractor and director of Mobile Digital Solutions in Sylvania, Australia, oversaw the installation of the Jet Edge system and trained the mine’s water-jet operators how to use the new 5-axis machine.

“The Edge X-5 is a good system,” Hall said. “It’s intuitive and easy to operate. I’ve seen lots of systems in my 11 years working with water jets and it seems to do the job very well and is easy to teach. The Aquavision Di controller is extremely reliable. The software is great. It solves a lot of the problems of other CAD/CAM software. It’s been specifically designed with water-jetting in mind. Lead ins and outs are easy and it’s easy to nest multiple parts. Most importantly, you’re not stuck to a certain order. With some software, if you miss one step, you have to start all over again. Jet Edge’s software is flexible and it’s not labor intensive. The library of materials is good and the speed control is good.”

Hall added that he has been very impressed with Jet Edge’s X-Stream intensifier pumps, service and training.

 “The X-Stream pump is bullet-proof,” he said. “We feel comfortable that we have a good support network and that we can call Jet Edge any time, day or night.”