On Dec. 3, 2014, Trane awarded a resort in City of Industry, Calif., for reducing its environmental impact.

The Pacific Palms Resort received the Energy Efficiency Leader Award for infrastructure upgrades, which generated first-year savings of more than $540,000 in energy and operational costs. The resort also gained an additional $500,000 in one-time rebates from electrical and gas companies.

John Semcken, senior vice president of Majestic Realty Co., and co-owner and senior development partner in the redevelopment and renovation of the Pacific Palms Resort, said the recent upgrades are a result of the resort’s commitment to sustainability — and its guests.

“While we’re pleased that the improvements will generate significant energy savings, it’s even better that they provide a reliably comfortable environment, optimizing guest comfort,” said Semcken. “These upgrades also align with our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, reflecting our interest in supporting the City of Industry community.”

 Upgrades included adding a 500-ton centrifugal chiller equipped with a variable-speed drive to lower energy use and help ensure a comfortable environment for guests; four new modular, hot-water boilers to increase efficiency; a thermal energy-storage system; an energy-management system featuring an intelligent services program that monitors the systems to achieve energy savings; and a building automation system with remote access, which ensures all HVAC market equipment is optimized for maximum savings.