A new one-stop shop for HVAC supplies and equipment is now available to contractors.

The grand opening of Johnson Controls’ Source 1 HVAC Supply Center in Wauwatosa, Wis., took place Oct. 16, 2014. It included product displays, interactive demos and the opportunity to talk with vendors and representatives from Johnson Controls’ Unitary Products Group.

 “The Wauwatosa store supports efforts to be a one-stop supply house for equipment, parts and HVAC-related supplies in the Milwaukee area,” said Cliff Albers, a Johnson Controls regional operations manager. “In addition to the York, Guardian and Source 1 products, the location offers products from other industry-leading HVAC manufacturers and a wide array of HVAC test instruments, tools and supplies — everything from gauges, recovery equipment and vacuum pumps to tape, filters and pipe and electrical fittings.”

The company says the supply center also gives contractors the opportunity to tap into local training programs and the technical expertise of store employees.

  “By bringing the equipment, supplies, training and expertise that contractors need closer to the places where they work, this full-service solution is saving them valuable time,” said Johnson Controls territory manager Jim Tews. “Contractors can get in, get out and be back on the job in less time, contributing to their productivity and improving their profitability.”