Energy storage company Calmac has revamped its website,

The new site serves as an information hub for thermal energy storage, featuring easy-to-use navigation and improved search capabilities, the company says. Site visitors are now able to download computer-aided design and building information modeling software, and can also receive the latest updates on industry and company news and installations.

“We’ve enhanced the Calmac site to make it easy for our core markets, which include architects, engineers and building owners, to easily obtain more information about thermal energy storage and access information on the benefits of our IceBank energy storage tanks,” said company CEO Mark MacCracken. “With this new website, we are not only showcasing how energy storage has lowered operating costs for a number of installations around the world, but how thermal energy storage is a resource for reducing our burden on the power grid.”

 Additional features of the website include: industry insights including the latest articles, videos, white papers and newsletters; a questionnaire for visitors to determine if thermal energy storage can benefit their building; electricity bill analysis; continuing education opportunities; evaluation tools for engineers; information on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design points that may be obtained with thermal energy storage; and direct links to the company’s social media channels.