The Building Performance Institute has introduced a new credential that verifies a candidate can successfully conduct air infiltration and duct-leakage tests.

The infiltration and duct-leakage certification is a comprehensive and affordable way for HVAC technicians to gain the skills to offer testing in compliance with the International Energy Conservation Code officials said.

 “The IDL certification fills a void in new home construction,” BPI CEO Larry Zarker. “New-home builders now have an affordable alternative to traditional high-cost verification credentials for IECC compliance testing services. Knowing they can depend on trained and certified professionals is an important benefit to building code officials, builders and homeowners.”

Carl Fortson, building-code official with Tift County, Ga., said he expects positive results for the new certification program.

 “I believe BPI’s new IDL certification will have the same success that Georgia has enjoyed with our statewide credentialing program,” Fortson said. “The quality of construction has improved as builders and code officials know the home and duct system were tested by certified professionals. Everyone benefits, the builder and I know the job was done right and the homeowner gets a better home.”