The BlueGreen Alliance wants Congress to invest in manufacturing before it shuts down for the year.

Executive Director Kim Glas called on Congress to pass tax credits for production and advanced energy projects.

“It’s our hope that Congress puts the best interests of the American people before their own by quickly passing a budget to fully fund the government,” she said. “It’s equally important, despite it being the holiday season, that Congress avoid efforts to ornament this budget bill like a Christmas tree with burdensome policy riders that would significantly delay the approval process.

“The remaining days of this legislative session would be a missed opportunity without the renewal of clean energy investments like the production tax credit and advanced energy project credit. Congressional approval of these important priorities will help us all breathe a sigh of relief as we close the book on 2014.”

 The alliance is a group made up of environmental organizations and organized labor. The HVAC construction Sheet Metal Workers union is a member.