Office Depot Inc. has selected Coolerado’s line of air conditioners to be used in some of its stores’ HVAC systems.

“We take energy efficiency and air quality very seriously at Office Depot and we are pleased to work with Coolerado to raise both to new heights,” said Yalmaz Siddiqui, senior director of environmental strategy for the paper and office supplies retailer. “Coolerado has exceeded our expectations as we continue to make intelligent, high ROI (return on investment), green investments in our buildings and pass those benefits along to our customers and the communities where they live.”

Company officials say the existing rooftop units will run half as long as they would be without the Coolerado units, which will significantly reduce electricity consumption. Coolerado units also allow for greater flexibility in maintenance scheduling and cost reduction in existing rooftop units’ servicing and repairs, the manufacturer said. 

 “Office Depot is very progressive in their approach towards efficiency and sustainability and we are delighted that Coolerado has been selected to help them accomplish their goals,” said Coolerado CEO Tom Teynor.