The ACCA says a new study from the U.S. Commerce Department underscores its position that HVAC market equipment needs a certified installation to perform at peak efficiency.

The recently released study, “Sensitivity Analysis of Installation Faults on Heat Pump Performance,” written by the department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology, says poor HVAC construction work can lead to energy loss and  other problems.

The study says most problems are related to duct leakage, refrigerant undercharging and overcharging, low indoor airflow, and oversized equipment with undersized ductwork.

"This report quantifies what many industry experts already know – profound efficiency losses occur when HVAC equipment is not installed properly," said Paul Stalknecht, the president and CEO of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. "This report should help consumers understand why it is important to hire a contractor who follows the QI (quality installation) standard. When consumers start asking for QI from every contractor, it will raise the performance bar in the industry, and result in significant energy savings while increasing occupant comfort."

The ACCA’s American National Standards Institute-approved standard covers the measurement and installation of commercial and residential HVAC construction equipment.

The government study is available here