Green HVAC system maker WaterFurnace is offering homeowners a $2,100 rebate on purchases of certain geothermal heat pumps.

The promotion, called “SEVENbration,” promotes the energy efficiency of the 7 Series by offering the rebates on purchases made through Dec. 19.

“With the 7 Series, thousands of happy homeowners have saved millions of dollars on heating, cooling and hot water by using the clean, renewable energy in their backyard,” said Tim Litton, WaterFurnace International Inc.’s director of marketing communications. “SEVENbration offers homeowners an attractive incentive to upgrade to the most energy efficient geothermal heating and cooling system on the market. Combined with a 30 percent federal tax credit, several local incentives and year-round savings on utility bills, SEVENbration provides a unique opportunity for homeowners to maximize their return on a geothermal investment.”

The unit was given an Innovation Award from this year’s AHR Expo, the large HVAC construction trade show which traditionally takes place every January.