Locqus, which claims to be the first company to offer a free en-route notifications service, has developed a new mobile application for businesses and their clients.

Companies can now give customers automatic, real-time appointment updates via email or text message. The app shows the customer a map, identification photo and estimated arrival time of service workers prior to scheduled appointments. 

Sandy Kronenberg, co-founder of Locqus, said the free app has helped companies to easily and effectively update their customers.

“Customers get frustrated when there are delays to their scheduled appointment, or when they’re not sure what time a provider will arrive during a vast time window,” Kronenberg said. “We’ve provided companies with the ability to more easily update customers. It’s providing a seamless service experience for free. Most businesses would have to shell out thousands of dollars for this type of experience; we’re opening up the marketplace by giving small businesses a competitive edge against their larger counterparts — here in Detroit and around the country.”

Features of the mobile app include a credit card reader for on-the-go payments; the ability to generate quotes and digital invoices for clients; electronic time clocks for dispatchers; and location software for tracking employees and notifying clients.

“Businesses know just how valuable their customers’ time is, and the best companies are always looking for ways to enhance their customer service,” said Paul Proctor, co-founder of Locqus. “Now, customers will never have to wait again wondering when the plumber, electrician, or cable guy will be arriving. The real-time updates are crucial for customers trying to plan their schedules around a service job, but it’s just one component of the suite of capabilities businesses can leverage through Locqus.”