These days, Daryl Hall is more interested in matching the wood of an antique mantle than seeing if he can make “Sara Smile.” Hall, half of 1980s pop hit makers Hall & Oates, is now a builder who renovates historic homes and stars in the DIY Network reality TV show “Restoration Over-Hall.” In the recently concluded first season, Hall worked to add 1,600 square feet and two stories to a 1780s farmhouse.

For the home’s HVAC construction, Hall chose small-duct, high-velocity equipment from Unico. The system’s small, flexible ductwork can fit between floor and ceiling joists, as well as between walls. It eliminates the need for large metal ductwork, according to Unico officials.

“Daryl really liked the fact that we could install the Unico System without using intrusive ductwork and soffits,” said Matt Carlo, a managing partner at Innovative Air Solutions, the Tuckahoe, N.Y.-based HVAC contractor for the project. “Daryl was also pleased with the system’s quiet operation and the look of Unico’s small, round, room outlets, which are hardly noticeable at just 2 inches in diameter.”

Carlo said Unico’s Green Series air handlers with hydro coils would work best in the 227-year-old house. The green HVAC system uses an electronically commutated motor and a control board to adjust airflow and motor speed. The Unico System installation was scheduled to be featured in the Aug. 23 episode.