Enerfit says it has an easy-to-install retrofit for commercial HVAC construction that reduces air conditioning energy use by half.

The Enerfit Version 1 Basic or “V1B” is the first unit on the HVAC market that uses top-end technology and real-time access to data, company officials say.

The preprogrammed V1B can be installed in less than two hours. It uses variable-frequency drive to ensure green HVAC operation and EnerTouch, a touch-pad controller Web server. It collects data and puts it where a technician can view it on a personal computer or mobile device from almost anywhere.

“Enerfit is committed to addressing the needs of field service technicians, while providing building owners with exceptional — and ongoing — return on investment,” said Enerfit President Ron Patch. “Owners save considerable time and expense with the V1B’s simplified installation, real-time data monitoring and seamless integration into building automation systems. Equally important, our technology ensures that on-site technicians can easily understand and accurately use the retrofit, enabling owners to maximize their ROI over the long term. Service technicians are the missing link in the HVAC payback equation and we’ve spent years listening and improving our product based on feedback from the field.”