Register and grille maker TRUaire is now distributing its products through the Blue Hawk cooperative network.

The partnership offers benefits for both operations, TRUaire officials said. 

“We’re very excited about partnering with the folks at Blue Hawk,” said Ken Grubbs, vice president of sales at TRUaire. “With a significant number of Blue Hawk members, this is going to open many doors for us. It’s an important opportunity.”

Blue Hawk and TRUaire are both committed to profitability, competitive prices and a fair marketplace, Grubbs said.

“The addition of TRUaire to the short list of trusted Blue Hawk register and grille vendors offered to members is a testament to that commitment,” he added. 

Co-op members are now able to take part in a special TRUaire rebate program.

“Options matter,” Grubbs said. “Healthy competition within the sphere of Blue Hawk vendors translates into greater, more aggressive programs unfolding. We are positioned to be a powerful option within this product category, and that can only strengthen the Blue Hawk member’s position in their respective market.”