ACCA officials are looking for help with picking the group’s top contractors of 2015.

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is seeking nominations for its residential and commercial HVAC sales Contractors of the Year.

Applications are available at through Oct. 10.

This year, finalists will be required to complete a list of questions to give judges more insight into themselves and their HVAC market businesses.

“The Contractors of the Year program continues to be one of the most coveted awards that ACCA presents and each year more contractors are vying for this honor," said Melissa Broadus, director of communications for the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. "With the influx of applications and the high quality of contractors that are applying, we felt we needed to make the program more rigorous. Adding in the judging questionnaire will give the judges more in-depth information about each company and the unique qualities that they have to make them stand out as leaders in the industry."

Finalists — three residential and three commercial HVAC construction contractors — will be selected by the end of October. Winners will be recognized at the ACCA’s 2015 conference in Gaylord, Texas.