With August here, summer will be coming to a close, but the hot days will still stick around for a while. Don’t let the hot temperatures of August break the bank.

New technologies are popping up every day to make life easier and top technological features for HVAC market units that are convenient  can help keep summer utility bills down for homeowners.

Programmable thermostats automatically adjust the cooling or heating temperature in the home to save energy. Schedule the thermostat to raise the temp in the house during times when you are out so the system will work less. If your schedule changes, you can manually override the multiple daily settings it can store.

For tech-savvy homeowners, consider an internet-enabled smart option that links your tablet or smartphone to your air-conditioning system, typically through a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat. This will allow homeowners to adjust home temperature while you are out to trim the bill.

 “The productivity of HVAC systems is important to help save on the energy bill. Systems change all the time, to include new technology,” said Doyle James, president of Aire Serv. “Smart home technology is a feature to look for when considering an upgrade.” 

Airflow in the home can affect areas to be more susceptible to hot or cold spots. New green HVAC systems can include zoning sensors to address hot or cold spots and adjust the temperature and airflow accordingly. This process can help avoid overworking the HVAC construction system. 

These smart HVAC tech tips from Aire Serv will help homeowners step into the modern age while maximizing their systems cooling abilities. Technology gives homeowners the ability to control their systems electronically, helping to reduce the electric bill.

This article was supplied by Air Serv.