S.W. Anderson has recently turned to Billtrust to handle the HVAC wholesale distributor’s billing services.

“For years we’ve been using mailing machines to invoice our accounts,” said Mike Anderson, president of S.W. Anderson. “Every time our equipment broke down, the problems just got bigger. We pride ourselves on customer service — and the daily process of printing, folding and mailing paper bills was slowing us down, adding cost, and diminishing our reputation.”

After evaluating a range of options, the company decided to partner with Billtrust to help improve the company’s internal and external billing performance.

Within a month of being integrated with the Billtrust platform, S.W. Anderson saw significant improvements to its billing system, said information technology manager Joe Timlin.

“Not only was the manual printing, folding, stuffing and mailing tasks taken off our hands, but the process became more efficient,” Timlin said. “Billtrust is able to monitor and consolidate invoices so that customers don’t receive as many mailings. Its systems automatically manage the process — for example, holding off until a specific date or dollar amount is reached.”

Company officials also noted that CustomerCare, Billtrust’s online portal, allows company personnel to instantly view the updated status of paid and unpaid invoices for any account.

Anderson says his company and customers are pleased with Billtrust’s services.

“Since we engaged Billtrust our customer satisfaction has definitely gone up,” he said. “Errors have gone down, customers are getting their invoices quicker, and we get paid sooner. Even if we approve a batch of invoices as late as 9 p.m., Billtrust makes sure the invoices go out the very next day.”