I got a music education at the Driven Music conference, which was held in Atlanta recently.

This event is for musicians, bands, and other artists to make contacts with music industry heavyweights and learn about the realities of touring, establishing a fan base and getting signed by a record label. What was I doing there? I’m “mamma bear” for my surrogate son’s band. They are getting traction in Atlanta and it is time to take the next step.

There are many synergies between the music industry and contractors. Here are three.

At the music conference, the audience was told that to succeed, their fan base must continue to increase. If they start with one fan that is OK, but it must grow to five, then to 50 and then to 500, etc.

For contractors to succeed, your customer base must continually increase. Your maintenance agreement base can start with one. But it must grow to five to 50 to 500 to 5,000, etc. The number of replacement systems you install can start with one. But it must grow to five, then to 50, to 500, etc., each year.

Second, for musicians to succeed, they have to work hard. The days of easy money and easy record deals are over. As the experts succinctly put it, the sharks are out of the music business because there is no more easy money. The people who are left love the music business.

Contractors must also work hard to succeed. The days of easy sales where customers don’t check prices are over. Many companies are gone. The people who are left have weathered this economic storm and love the contracting business.


Not the same

Third, the Internet has changed the music business. In the old days, a producer at a radio station could prevent an artist’s music from getting heard on that radio station. Now, the songs can be downloaded from websites, from iTunes, and thousands of other places. People find out about a band from their friends. Referrals are critical for success.

The Internet has changed the contracting business, too. People search online prior to calling a company. They’ve researched what they think they want. They’ve asked their friends what companies they use. Then, they call you — if your company checks out. A great website and referrals are critical to success.

There are too many people still saying “We’ve always done it like this.” There are still too many parents not listening to what their children, who are working in their businesses, are telling them about the power of social media and the Internet. Learn from them.

To succeed in any business, you must work hard and grow in many ways — building your customer base as well as your own personal knowledge.

Grow and succeed or stagnate and die. Your choice.


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