Distributor Johnstone Supply gave HVAC maker Johnson Controls two supplier awards during its annual spring sales meeting, held March 3-5 in Nashville, Tenn.

Johnson Controls and its Coleman brand received the Johnstone Supply Award for Excellence in Sales and Marketing, and the Johnstone Supply Corporate Liaison Award.

The liaison award recognized the contributions of Tim Brusseau, Johnson Controls Unitary Products Group’s strategic distribution account manager, for helping Johnstone make a 30 percent increase in sales for year.

“It’s always nice when a customer makes a connection between our efforts and their success,” said Rod Rushing, Unitary Products Group vice president and general manager. “To be honored for those efforts with two such special awards from a customer as important to our own success as Johnstone Supply, is particularly rewarding and recognizes our mission to be a long-term partner that consistently delivers quality products and support services to our customers.”