Out of 14 competing brands, Klein Tools was named 2013 Hand Tool Brand the readers of Tools in Action readers.

Located at www.professional-power-tool-guide.com, Tools in Action is an online publication that provides information on the latest products in the hand tool market.

“In the past few years, the hand tool market has heated up,” said Dan Maxey, senior editor and co-founder of Tools in Action. “The innovation and quality is better than ever and Klein fans are voicing their appreciation.”

Klein Tools Vice President Greg Palese said the award affirms the high-quality standards that his company continues to uphold.

“For 157 years, Klein Tools has been using the highest quality materials, superior workmanship, and U.S. manufacturing for the vast majority of its hand tools to uphold its rigorous standards,” Palese said. “This award demonstrates that Tools in Action readers know that when you pick up a Klein, it will never let you down.”