Sessions on schematics, troubleshooting and HVAC manuals are among the topics the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society will explore this spring.

Through June, the society will hold daylong seminars at its Rolling Meadows, Ill., headquarters or the Community College of Allegheny in Oakdale, Pa. All sessions will be presented by an RSES-certified trainer or member.

The following seminars that will take place at RSES headquarters in Rolling Meadows, Ill. include:

“Combustion Analysis and Fuel Efficiency” will be presented by Brynn C. Cooksey March 22. Cooksey will focus on the understanding of combustion diagnostics and adjustments to improve efficiency, performance and reliability, as well as troubleshooting and diagnosis of fuel constituents.

“Troubleshooting AC Systems — It’s All About the Temperature” will be presented by Richard Blank March 29. Blank will discuss refrigerant cycle review, superheat and sub-cooling and more.

“Schematics and Electrical Troubleshooting” will be presented by Blank April 26. Blank will discuss switches, electrical modifiers, component representations and switching actions.

“Troubleshooting HVACR System Using Electrical Wiring Diagrams” will be presented by Cooksey May 10. The seminar is based on the RSES manual Electricity for HVACR Technicians. Cooksey will discuss electrical theory and safety, parts identification, troubleshooting methods.

The following seminars will take place at the Community College of Allegheny in Oakdale, Pa.:

“Manual D” will be presented by Arthur T. Miller March 15. Miller will use the Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s Manual D: Residential Duct Systems to explain the principles of designing residential duct systems.

“Troubleshooting Air Conditioning Systems —A Systematic Approach” will be presented by Joe Marchese April 12. Marchese will provide a practical overview of troubleshooting residential air-conditioning systems and the often-difficult task of identifying the root causes of problems.

“Manual J8” will be presented by Arthur T. Miller May 17. Miller will use ACCA’s Manual J: Residential Load Calculation to present heat gain/loss concepts and calculation.

“Troubleshooting HVACR Controls and Control Systems” will be presented by Marchese June 21. Marchese will discuss how to troubleshoot controls and control systems used on HVACR equipment and more.

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