Air distribution products manufacturer Krueger-HVAC now has new software – K-Select 12.0 – designed to help in picking products.

Using what Krueger says is a sleek interface, the program makes picking grilles, registers, diffusers, terminal units and fan coil products for HVAC construction more simple, officials said. With a click of a computer mouse, engineers can change configurations, fluid types or water temperatures, making designing an HVAC system easier.

“Highly configurable products like fan coils require a selection process which is not only easy for engineers to perform, but will also remove the risk of making poor selections,” said Paul Christiansen, vice president of Sales and marketing at Krueger-HVAC. “One of the great features of the program is the auto-size option, where engineers can see a range of product sizes and performance information that fit their base criteria. By removing the guesswork from the process, they are able to proceed through the selections more quickly, with confidence.”