Executive Vice President Mark Lowry will be retiring when his contract expires at the end of June, officials with the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society said.

Lowry has served in the chief staff position since 2006 and has held various senior management positions within the organization since he was hired in 1993.

“More than 20 years is a long time to be with one organization, especially these days,” Lowry said. “I have met a huge amount of wonderful people at RSES, and I’m going to miss them a lot. The HVACR industry and RSES have changed tremendously over the past two decades, but our mission remains the same. There is a great leadership team in place with the board and executive committee, and I know they will chart a sound course for the society.”

Joe Marchese, the company’s newly elected president, said a search committee has been appointed to seek out Lowry’s successor.

“We are committed to doing what’s best for the organization throughout this process,” Marchese said. “The next few months will be busy for all of us, and we anticipate a smooth transition.”