Krueger-HVAC says its new website includes new improvements such as enhanced performance, better organization and greater browser compatibility.

 “The underlying goal of the new Krueger-HVAC website is to make it easier to do business with us,” said Paul Christiansen, vice president of Krueger-HVAC. “Whether users enjoy the improved navigation, clean appearance, increased performance, or new bells and whistles, we will have met our objective.”

The new website,, features improved search capabilities. Customers looking for the closest respective Krueger representative can access this information by simply inputting a ZIP code into the search box.

A new online product catalog is also a major feature of the site, complete with a two-part menu catering to experienced and inexperienced users. The first part of the menu allows users that are familiar with Krueger-HVAC products to select a model from the drop-down menu and immediately land on a product page. The second part of the menu allows less-experienced visitors to choose from three topics: category overview, product division or product family. Each topic allows users to quickly pinpoint a specific type of product listed in the catalog.

A variety of electronic tools and educational items including literature, webinars and white papers are also available for download, as a supplement to the online catalog.