The hustle and bustle of the holiday season can easily make many homeowners forget about two major focuses this season: safety and giving.

That’s why one north Texas HVAC company decided to compile the two into one great service offering: Tuneup for Tots.

To encourage homeowners to have their furnaces checked, A No. 1 Air Inc. of Carrollton, Texas, is offering a full-service furnace tuneup for $49, discounted from the regular price of $149. To earn the special price, a customer gives the technician a new, unwrapped toy to be donated to Toys for Tots. The technicians are collecting the toys until Dec. 17.

While there are many key benefits to having a tuneup on your furnace, the top two reasons are safety and efficiency. Proper maintenance on a furnace helps ensure safety and comfort, extends the life of the furnace, and helps save homeowners money on utility bills.

A checklist of services homeowners should expect their HVAC technician to perform during a furnace tuneup includes:

·         Checking for leaks in gas piping (applies to gas systems only, in order to check for carbon monoxide leaks)

·         Cleaning or replacement of standard filters

·         Clearing or adjustment of blower components

·         Calibration of thermostat for proper temperature settings

·         Cleaning of condensate drains (to prevent water leaks and mold)

·         Checking and adjustment of burner assembly

·         Monitoring flue draft

·         Testing starting capabilities

·         Testing safety controls

·         Checking for proper airflow

·         Tightening of electrical connections

·         Measuring of voltage and amperage capabilities

·         Lubricating of all moving parts

·         Checking the evaporator coil

·         Measuring temperature difference

·         Pulling and cleaning the blower wheel


Many furnace manufacturers recommend tuneups be performed twice a year; once in the spring or summer and once in the fall or winter. With winter weather already in much of the country, it’s the perfect time for homeowners to have a winter furnace tuneup performed.

A No. 1 Air is making a matching donation for every toy collected from its customers. The toys will be donated Dec. 18. For more information visit this website.

This article was supplied by A No. 1 Air.