A 20-year-old laser cutting system belonging to U.S. industrial machine manufacturer Service Line has been revived by Hypertherm’s ProNest software.

The company says the laser system, which has been in use since 1993, was no longer running efficiently and needed updating.

“We purchased the software for our Trumpf laser in the summer of 2012 and found it to work very well for us, which wasn’t easy, considering that our laser is a 1993 model,” said Gary Reuter, an engineer at Service Line. “We had great customer support to help configure and set it up to work with such an old control.”

The ProNest software was very easy to learn and use, providing all the features necessary to run the older-modeled laser machine efficiently, Reuter added. “I would highly recommend this software to anyone looking to improve the performance of their laser or plasma cutting machines.”