As the U.S. government shutdown dragged into its fourth day and first weekend, the BlueGreen Alliance, an organization of environmental and labor groups, called for lawmakers to get back to work.

“Today, political discourse in this country has reached a new low,” said alliance Executive Director David Foster. “The fact that lawmakers can’t agree on how to fund the government does not bode well for Americans who want to see jobs created  — especially jobs to address climate change and repair the essential infrastructure systems we rely on all the time — not gridlock.

“The lack of an employment report, previously scheduled to be released today, further highlights the economic toll this shutdown is taking, which is around $300 million per day,” Foster said. “Americans are disgusted that a radical group of partisans has chosen to undermine our democracy and put the economy through the ringer. It’s far off course from any reasonable path to prosperity. It’s irresponsible and it has to stop.”

The alliance’s members include the Sheet Metal Workers union.