The growing demand for energy-efficient HVAC equipment has helped HTS Texas expand. 

The HVAC manufacturer’s representative says it has increased its revenue by 30 percent over the past five years, hired over 60 employees in the last year, and has expanded locations throughout Texas.

Todd McCullough, general manager of HTS Texas, said that adding key personnel to multiple locations, opening new operations in San Antonio and Fort Worth, and adding on square footage to existing offices are a few ways in which HTS has expanded to accommodate the increased sales demand.

“The booming Texas economy creates opportunity for building owners to upgrade their HVAC systems, increasing the demand for the most energy-efficient HVAC equipment and supplies,” McCullough said. “We have grown to an annual income of $110 million in just 10 years, and we continue to grow in Texas. We are unwavering in our commitment to meet building owners HVAC needs for the full life of their equipment.”