With a U.S. housing market recovery finally taking hold, energy-efficiency products maker Rotobrush International LLC says it offers HVAC contractors a lot of moneymaking opportunities, especially for duct cleaning and insulation services.

“Both new and older homes can benefit from air duct cleaning and insulation checks for improving IAQ,” said Rotobrush CEO and President Lane Jeffryes. “In new homes, ductwork often contains debris from the construction of the home, or drywall and sawdust might migrate there and onto the evaporator coil if the HVAC system is used during the construction process. In older homes, the ducts may never have been cleaned or may even be damaged. These issues are easy to fix and a simple assessment is all that’s needed to begin.”

The company recently introduced a new product package for HVAC contractors involved in duct cleaning services. 

This package comes with a monitor from AirAdvice for Homes that identifies indoor air quality issues, measures and transmits data and generates a diagnostic report providing solutions to IAQ problems. The package includes Rotobrush’s Air Plus XP air duct cleaning system for contractors to use when duct cleaning is necessary.

Jeffryes said market for these kinds of services is growing, and added that the company also offers machines for installing blown-in insulation. 

“Contractors offering insulation services really have an advantage over those who do not,” Jeffryes said. “Older homes usually lack proper insulation. This is an easy add-on service, as homes built before 1980 have an 80 percent chance of being under-insulated, resulting in a loss of 45 percent of a home’s heat. Proper insulation means lower energy bills, and homeowners will want to make that investment.”