Four of MovinCool’s portable spot air-conditioning units have received certification from a Mexican safety group, which allows them to be sold in the country.

ETL Mexico announced that MovinCool’s Classic Plus 14 and Office Pro models 18, 36 and 60 have earned its safety seal, which allows them to be imported and sold in Mexico. 

“We are very excited to bring MovinCool to the Mexican market,” said MovinCool manager David Keller. “Our portable spot air conditioners are an ideal solution for cooling people, processes and equipment in industrial, IT (information technology), health care, office and school and outdoor-event applications. One of the biggest advantages is that they require almost no installation. You just roll them in, plug them in and turn them on. And unlike conventional air conditioners, they bring cool air directly to the ‘hot spots’ that need it, so they are inexpensive to run and highly effective.”