A sanitary products production facility has a new metal building and metal roof, thanks to Butler Manufacturing and a Wisconsin contractor. 

Green Bay Converting hired Schuh Construction Inc. of Seymour, Wis., to convert the vacant structure into a newly renovated, 157,200-square-foot production facility. The contractor was also to install new metal-over-metal roofs on two other structures using Butler’s M-24 standing-seam roof system. The contract called for 578,150 square feet of roofing. 

Karl “Pudge” Schuh, the chief executive of Schuh Construction, said the buildings really needed new roofs. 

“The buildings were just too big for that type of inferior roofing,” Schuh said. “Plus they were 30 years old, so it was just time to re-roof.”

Butler’s M-24 system added less than two pounds per square foot to the roofs’ total weight. It also added a layer of blanket insulation to the building, enhancing the energy efficiency and R-value of the structures.