Cost reduction and the improvement of energy and operational efficiency are the result of recent systems and services upgrades to the Country Financial office building in St. Paul, Minn.

The five-story, multitenant building, which houses over 500 occupants, includes office space, a cafeteria, exercise room and data center.

The upgrades completed so far are expected to save the company more than 8 percent in annual energy costs. The improvements have also reduced the number of HVAC service calls by 25 percent.

One of the initial improvements is the Trane Tracer building automation system. It allows maintenance staff to obtain automated real-time reporting on HVAC performance.

“We took a phased in, thoughtful approach to improvements that have enabled us to realize savings through each stage of building upgrades,” said Randy Hagerty, manager of property and facilities for Country Financial. “We’re pleased that the reduction in service calls has already shown a significant return on investment, demonstrating improved building performance even during limited staff times.”