flood switchesStandex-Meder Electronics launched a new line of flood-prevention switches which the company says safeguards HVAC units from condensate overflow buildup. These low-voltage switches are ideal for commercial and residential HVAC use. T, elbow and bracket models are available with multiple fittings to accommodate different applications. The products include an integral magnetic reed switch from Standex-Meder Electronic. If a clogged air-conditioning condensate drain causes the water level in the main or auxiliary drain pipe to rise, the switch shuts off the system, preventing any possible overflow that could damage floors, walls and ceilings. Officials report that the switches are easy to install on primary or auxiliary drain plugs and are easily accessible for service. The flexible switch is available in red- or yellow-wire connection options.

Standex-Meder Electronics, 4538 Camberwell Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209; (866) STANDEX; www.StandexElectronics.com.