Honeywell has a new training program that it says will teach contractors how to sell commercial building owners on ways to reduce energy use.

Under its Energy and Environmental Optimization program, contractors learn how to use the “EEO Toolset” — PC-based software that explains about prospecting, accessing and modeling a building. The training also includes e-learning courses and in-person sales lessons to help companies succeed.

The program is already working for Rick Gorka, president and founder of Airon Group.

“When the recession hit, I decided to grow my business by focusing on energy retrofits in commercial buildings,” Gorka said. “In the process of obtaining my own EEO certification, I found it is the perfect starting point for any contractor who wants to be in the energy retrofit business. Honeywell has the ability to provide the toolset, but more importantly the training that any contractor is going to need in order to provide an advantage over the competition in this marketplace.”

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