FantechA few things are changing at Fantech.

The Kansas-based ventilation company is introducing a new logo and slogan — “Simply better” — that company officials say is designed to represent the efficiency of its products.

“At this milestone, we’re renewing our brand promise, and we’re raising a new brand standard that brings this promise to life,” said Rick Caldwell, director of marketing for Fantech and parent company Systemair. “Our new branding speaks to our core principles as a company dedicated to the HVACR industry. With the combination of our innovative ventilation solutions, our knowledgeable team of experts, and our well-established best practices, we are able to deliver high-quality standardized ventilation products that are simple, robust and easy to choose, install, maintain and use.”

The new logo’s round shape is meant to evoke a rotating fan wheel, and the shift in the company’s vision, said the company’s managing director, Mike O’Loughlin.

“Fantech has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last two years and we require a stronger brand identity to distinctly communicate Fantech’s integrated vision for delivering ventilation solutions to our customers,” O’Loughlin said. “As we embark on the next chapter in our history we want to leverage Systemair’s global resources in order to strengthen Fantech on its mission to transform the way the industry thinks about ventilation. Our new brand highlights the strength of our company as well as the quality of our products, and lets our current and future customers know that Fantech is simply better.”