A number of International Code Council standards are now available in electronic format from Cengage Learning’s Delmar subsidiary.

The 2012 updates to codes covering issues such as mechanics, plumbing, fire and residential are now available as downloads viewable on tablet computers and e-book readers.

“It’s been apparent over the years that the I-Codes are one of the most important resources for professionals within the building industry,” said Delmar Vice President Greg Clayton. “Even though the 2012 codes were just recently released, 67 percent of states are still actively using the 2009 I-Codes. We now have the unique ability to distribute this code information from the ICC in multiple formats – both in print and as e-books – ensuring that professionals have all the information they need to remain code compliant, and can access and read the materials based on their own individual preferences.”

Mark A. Johnson, president of the code council’s evaluation service, said he was glad to offer the information in a new format.

 “We are excited to be expanding on our long-standing partnership with Delmar,” Johnson said. “As part of a continued effort to make the I-Codes available in as many offerings as possible, we saw this as a great opportunity to work with Delmar to create the codes in e-book format. We are always striving to address the needs of our members, and this new alternative provides the option of mobility and portability for professionals when accessing these quintessential code materials.”