The Air Conditioning Contractors of America is helping its members educate their customers with a new pamphlet.

The ACCA has published its latest ComforTool, a series of fliers called “Northerners — Should You Replace Your Furnace Today?” The fliers explain the implications of the regional energy-efficiency standards for furnaces that will soon take effect.

“It is likely that most customers do not understand what the new regional standards mean for them or how they could cost them more money and cause potential problems,” said Paul T. Stalknecht, ACCA president and CEO. “This new ComforTool will help contractors in the northern region explain what is coming in terms of these new standards, and why upgrading now may be the best option. As other regional standards go into effect, ACCA will continue to provide these types of tools to help contractors educate their customers.”

ACCA members can download the regional standards requirements ComforTool, and any of the other ComforTools in the library, free at